Picture - Makit Line
Picture - Makit Line
Picture - Makit Line


MAKit: Specifically developed to "clean and treat stones on board".
This kit has been created to be easily shipped world wide in respect of International shipping regulation and. Without solvents and respectful  for the environment.

MAKit: MAintenance Kit contains a set for direct maintenance.
The MAKit Line of product is composed by four products:

Expolitus Kit
Is a complete line to protect, clean and maintain your marble surfaces on board. Complete set of three standard products plus equipment for use. The kit includes clear instruction leaflets. [Details]

Novis Kit
To treat corrosion stains on your polished marble floor, linings, bathroom and kitchen tops, tables, etc. Complete set composed by all
tolls needed for acting. User’s Manual inside. [Details]

Specific detergent  for stains dues to coffee, flowers, grass etc. [Details]

Specific detergent  for oily stains on natural stones. [Details]