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Picture - About Us
Picture - About Us
Picture - About Us

Stonelite Group

Company Presentation:

Based in the heart of the artistic marble culture, we are glad to present our speciality.“ Marble Art for Luxury Yachts”.

We were born from the idea of offering marble products developed for the unique need of the yacht industry. Our founders, after years of experience gained in the yacht industry and marble business, developed the new idea of producing and propose lightweight marble.

The aim was to find a new concept of a product in accordance with the needs of the companies of interior yacht refinement and artistic marble production.

This conceptual connection gave the birth to our panel that is light and does not brake. From that stage, we started to develop many differentiated products, still from the same production process, introducing the utilisation of water-jet machine, we realised inlaid lightweight panel.

Within the introduction of water-jet trough Cad-Cam machinery we start to offer “cut on size” services. At the end of our experimentation we are really in the condition to offer a complete range of lightweight products.

To complete our offer we have also developed a company branch regarding STONECARE. Still now, experimentation of new processes and machinery represents the centre of the Stonelite philosophy.